We are excited about the potential that Levf brings to Yield Farmers with leveraged yield farming. For the protocol to flourish, Levf requires deep liquidity in the Treasury Pool that supports the farmers' exploits. With a thriving yield farming market (existing pool of USD74B of yield farmers), we are seeking like-minded Liquidity Providers (LP) to grow together with Levf Finance.

Deposit Liquidity

LP can participate in Levf’s Treasury pool at any time, as long as they have DAI, and they can withdraw their funds (deposit plus interest earned) at any time, as long as there is sufficient liquidity balance in the pool.
As of now, the platform imposes a maximum 365 days period on all borrowings, and all leveraged farming positions will be force-closed when they hit this mark. Borrowings and interest earned will be plowed back into the Treasury Pool.

Deposit Safety

LP's funds are deposited into the project wallet directly. The project wallet is secured by the Levf protocol, in a decentralized and trustless pool, fully automated by smart contracts.
The Levf protocol shall be audited by a reputable auditor, and the movements of the funds in the Treasury Pool is fully transparent and can easily be tracked at etherscan.io
Deposits in LevF are employed to farm only from reputable DeFi yield protocols and yield aggregators such as Yearn.finance and Aave.finance, which further safeguards LP's funds.

Deposit ROI

Risk-averse retail or institutional investors, both crypto-savvy and newcomers, will find it worthwhile to participate as Levf's LP, earning a return on capital starting from 10%, to as high as 100%, according to the rising interest rate model. This is a very good return compared to traditional instruments such as bank FD and bonds.
100% of the Interest paid by Yield Farmers will be paid directly into the pool for LPs, and the farmers are further taxed a 10% on their net profit which goes into the Reserve Pool. Holders of the LFI governance tokens (see next section LEVF - TOKENOMICS) own and control the Reserve Pool, and determine how much of the accumulated taxes are to be paid as dividend.


LP only have to click on Deposit on the asset type he wants and proceed accordingly. At the moment we only have DAI pool but will be adding other asset types in future such as USDT and wBTC.